’s Guide to Closing YOUR Leads!

One of the reasons why RE/MAX Connection Realtors closed more then 1851 transactions in 2014, making us the Number 1 RE/MAX in NJ for Units Closed in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 is our agents KNOW HOW TO CLOSE THEIR LEADS. RE/MAX Connection Realtors has a company contract with The contract we have gives each agent their leads and a showcase account (the best account with If an agent were to get their own account, the cost would be hundred if not thousands of dollars more for them. This is just another example how RE/MAX Connection Realtors helps our agents close more deals.

So I am giving you this GUIDE to HELP YOU CLOSE MORE OF YOUR LEADS! Enjoy.

CLICK HERE to get the guide “ Close YOUR Leads”

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